Get Rid of These Unnecessary Expenses and Save Over $600 a Month!

unnecessary expenses

So we’ve all been there. Looking at your bank statement thinking ‘how the heck did I spend THAT MUCH money this month?’, and you’re just positive that there’s just no way. Of course, you have expenses, like food and gas, that you can’t stop spending money on, but you may not realize that you have expenses that are completely unnecessary!

In my experience, money practically spends itself. I’m not sure how it does it, but I’m almost positive it just jumps out of my wallet and runs away. However, I’ve starting to really dissect my spending lately and found some expenses that I could get rid and started saving over $600 a month!

Check out your bank statement later, and highlight all of the things that you’re spending on, but you absolutely could live without!

Here are some ideas:

You don’t need cable.

With services such as Netflix and Hulu, along with the fact that almost every major television station has a website where you can stream for free, there is absolutely no reason why you should being paying over $100 for cable! How many channels do you really watch?

Get rid of your gym membership.

If you’re anything like me, a 30-minute, at home workout does the trick for your fitness needs. But if you really like the heavier weights that would be unrealistic for you to buy for home, then you could downgrade your membership and save about $10 a month.

Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Where do all the magazines come from?! I truly have no idea, but when I get a magazine in the mail, the first thing I do is check my bank statement to make sure I’m not paying for it. Again, I think these just order themselves. The newspaper is the expensive one though at about $2 per week.

Pack your lunch.

This is a no-brainer. Lunch out costs anywhere from $5-$20! Times that by about 20 workdays a month… $100-$400! Yikes.

Reduce bad habits.

Alcohol, tobacco; are all bad habits so expensive? One drink at the bar is about $8, one pack of cigarettes these days is at least that expensive as well. Let’s call it $20 a week spent on this, and cut it out!!

So, how much did we save per month just by cutting these?

Cable – $100
Gym Membership – $10 by downgrading/$50 altogether
Cancel Newspaper – $8
Lunches – $100-$400
Bad Habits – $80

We saved $298 on the low end and $638 on the high end. Over $600 of savings per month!

Check out the free printable budget planners below and get saving!

unnecessary expenses

unnecessary expenses

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