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Home Management Tips to Always Stay Organized

Home Management Tips to Always Stay Organized

At some point or another, every wife and/or mother gets frustrated with how disorganized her home has become. I know that I have been there many, many times.

I’ve decided time and time again to buckle down, get organized and never let my home become the mess it is in that moment. But what happens every time? I get organized, everything seems great, then I fall off the organization train and I’m back to square one.

Even though we may not have it all figured out, and we will all inevitably have that stressed out, frustrated and just general disorganization moment, there are ways to avoid it. Below are a few home management tips that have truly helped me, even if I don’t stick to them as much as I should, and I always have them to fall back on when I fall off the train again.

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1. Monthly and Weekly Planners

The only thing that keep me sane day-to-day is my planner. Remember when your husband’s sister’s best friend asked you to bring a side dish to that barbecue in three weeks? No? Well, no one else does either. Your planner to the rescue! Not only do you remember to actually show up to the barbecue, but you brought an amazing side dish that you got the ingredients for LAST WEEK! Go you!

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2. Weekly, Bi-Weekly or even Monthly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists

If you’ve been on my site for more than 10 seconds, you’ve probably notice the printable Weekly Menus freebie I offer. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you should. Weekly menus save me from annoying daily grocery trips. I personally plan bi-weekly grocery store trips with simple grocery lists that have everything I’ll need to make 2 full weeks of meals. Even if I forget every other organization trick I have, this is something that I will never, ever stop doing.

3. Cleaning Schedule

Say it with me, “Cleaning Sucks!” Well, it sucks even more when you clean your entire house, do laundry and run errands all in the same day, right? Keeping a cleaning schedule that includes something every single day will keep you on track (the train, again, get it?) and ready for fun on the weekend! There are a million different cleaning schedules on Pinterest.

4. Budgeting

This is the least fun part of running a home. It’s even worse than cleaning because at least with cleaning, you get to buy cleaning supplies, and that can be kinda fun sometimes. Just admit it, you like it, too. Not being able to buy the things you want is NEVER fun, but it’s all for a bigger goal, which is what I make sure to keep in mind when I look at my budget plan.

5. Finally, a Binder for all of it!

Keeping all of these useful planners, schedules and other papers in one easy to access place is super important to keeping you organized. If you are more of a technology driven lady, maybe an organization app or a note file on your phone or tablet would work better for you personally. Whatever you decide, just make sure to keep it in sight, readily available and take a peek at it daily.

Any other home management tips to stay organized at home? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! And Happy Organizing!

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