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Why You Should Ditch Your Day Job to Work at Home

working at home

When was the last time you were actually excited to get up in the morning and go to work? I know I am super guilty of hitting snooze a few times every day. But aren’t we told from the time we’re kids that we can be anything, do anything, and we should love our jobs? Something doesn’t seem to be adding up here.

If you’ve been thinking that you should go after your passion and turn it into a business, then you’re in the right place. For me, that passion is blogging, and sharing knowledge with other people. For you, maybe it’s wedding planning, website design or childcare. Whatever it is, working at home in your own home-based business is much more lucrative than a “real job”. And it comes with lots of little perks too, like being home with your kids more and eating lunch in your pajamas. 🙂

How is a home business more profitable than going to work every day?

1. You’ll have fewer expenses

By staying home to work, you’ll be cutting down on many expenses you would normally have. You won’t spend as much on gas, you’ll be eating more meals at home (healthier, too!), and you won’t need expensive “business casual” clothing that you won’t wear anywhere but work.

2. You’ll get more done each day

In an office environment, it can be difficult to focus. Co-workers constant comings and goings and conversations just on the other side of your cubicle wall can keep you from performing at your highest capacity. Not to mention being forced to take an entire hour for lunch. At home, you can concentrate on the things that truly matter, and you’ll get to decide what requires your time most, even if the most important thing is that your child is sick. No more guilt for missing work!

3. You decide what you’re worth!

When you have your own business, you decide how much to charge. Which, in turn, means that you decide how much you make. This also means that you dictate how many hours you work each week and how many clients you take on to make the amount you need or want. You’ll be truly in control of your life and dreams!

Unless you are in a job you love, or are just making the kind of money you believe you deserve, you should really consider starting your on home-based business. Let me know in the comments what type of business you want to start!

working at home

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  1. I am getting started designing printable invitations and online graphics! While I am still working full-time, it is difficult to focus 100% on BNSDesignCo. My husband and I know we can’t afford to take the plunge and hope the design business takes off. Any tips?

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