Welcome to Our Flourishing Family!

As a 28-year-old wife and and soon-to-be mommy, I am here to support other ladies who are taking care of their families. From cleaning tips to budgeting, I want to share anything and everything I learn along this life journey with you.

If you feel like you have a handle on life, that’s great! Join me and the other ladies here on our ride and drop a few hints for us in the comments! If you’re maybe a new wife and/or mommy and you feel like you need some advice, this is definitely the place for you! With my help, you will become the domestic goddess you aspire to be.

Who is this lady?

So, who am I? Well, I’m Sarah. I grew up in San Diego and now live in the beautiful Boise, Idaho with my husband and love of my life, Kolton. We have been married for four years. Kolton and I met at a bar (cliche, right?) in San Diego through some friends and were instantly inseparable. No kids yet, but our daughter is on her way!

My dream is to become a full-time blogger, so stay-tuned!

My great loves in life, besides my husband of course, are watching TV, reading and making my home beautiful. I just love my domestic life! I love to organize and keep everything looking neat and tidy. Home decor is also really fun for me, but I’ll be honest, I’m not great at it… Pinterest to the rescue!

Let’s figure out our Domestic Bliss together!

Anyways, why am I here, writing about all things domestic bliss and goddess-like tendencies? Because I was so lost when I threw myself into adulthood! When Kolton and I moved in together, I had lived on my own before, but never had another person to take care of. I grew up on microwaveable food half the time and the other half was from a drive-thru. I was overwhelmed and I just want every other woman in the world to have the help she needs to jump in head first!

Have any questions? Contact me anytime by email!