Get Rid of These Unnecessary Expenses and Save Over $600 a Month!

unnecessary expenses
July 31, 2017

So we’ve all been there. Looking at your bank statement thinking ‘how the heck did I spend THAT MUCH money this month?’, and you’re just positive that there’s just no way. Of course, you have expenses, like food and gas, that you can’t stop spending money on, but you may not realize that you have expenses that are completely unnecessary!…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Work at Home Jobs

work at home
July 27, 2017

It’s always been my dream to be a stay at home mom. It’s okay right now that I go through the day-to-day motions of going to work 40 hours a week, but what about when I have kids? Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely appreciate a woman who wants to have a career and a family, and I have a…

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How I Quadrupled My Traffic in 30 Days!

July 24, 2017

I started blogging in April. And as it is now nearing the end of July, I have been blogging for about 4 months now. It seems like the time has passed extremely quickly, and I don’t have a whole lot to show for it.  I work full time, as well, so I’m not too hard on myself, but I really…

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