Step-by-Step Guide to Budgeting Like a Boss

Budgeting Like a Boss
March 30, 2017

Let me start out by saying that budgeting is the WORST. Like, “I have to limit how much I spend so I can pay bills and save for a house? But I really wanted that cute pair of heels I’ll never wear!,” said every woman ever. Alright, so it’s not that bad… but it’s still no fun. I have always…

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How to Use a Planner to Keep Your Sanity

Use a Planner to Keep Your Sanity
March 27, 2017

Over the years, I have gone back and forth with keeping a planner. Currently, I keep a monthly calendar and a weekly planner. I keep these along with my budget planner. Keeping all of these in the same place keeps me super organized and I always know how my day is going to play out. Kolton and I both have…

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3 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

3 Ways to Cope with Anxiety
March 23, 2017

For many years, I have struggled with anxiety. And for many years, I didn’t understand it. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating anxiety, or any disorder, with medication, I am proud to say that I am no longer being treated. So, how did I do it? Well, in short, I didn’t. I still have those days where I…

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How to Stick to a Weekly Menu without Going Broke

How to Stick to a Weekly Menu
March 20, 2017

When I first moved in with my husband, I didn’t know how to cook real, healthy meals or shop for ingredients on a budget. My only experience with cooking was the six months I had lived on my own, and that time involved a lot of pasta and frozen dinners. I also ate a lot of fast food, like a LOT…

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